About Francis Howard, CPA, Ltd

At Francis Howard, CPA, Ltd we take a practical, results-oriented approach to helping our clients achieve their financial goals. Because we understand that every client comes to us with a unique set of circumstances, we always take time to listen to your specific accounting needs. Whether your business is just starting out or well-established, our Henderson, NV CPA firm is ready to help you realize your company’s full financial potential.

Our approach is personal, our service is prompt, and our team is passionate about assisting you with a wide range of services including bookkeeping, financial projections, strategic tax planning, and all your business accounting needs.

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Francis Howard, CPA

Francis Howard

Being a virtual firm, we come to you to help you in all areas of business and personal planning.

The principal, Francis Howard, has over 40 years of experience in public accounting. The main emphasis in our firm is all areas of taxation. Francis has degree work at Golden Gate University in taxation. In addition, Francis has the PFS (personal financial planning specialist) designation. Francis has a personal philiosphy that to stay current in the business environment, you have to continually learn new concepts and ideas. This requires a mindset of learning new things and new ways to stay current with the ever changing business and individual landscapes. That is the way value is provided to our clients.

Our approach is personal attention, prompt service, and our team is passionate about assisting you with a wide range of services to meet at needs.

Our goal is to understand the breathth of knowledge and level of attention required to manage the financial and other issues that your business will experience. As your trusted advisor, we will provide customized solutions to your business, accounting, and financial services that only 40 years of experience can provide.

With our experience in the tax field, our main focus is to assist you with strategic tax planning to limit your tax liability while at the same time conduct business planning which encompasses the whole realm of business operations.

We strive to be a trusted partner to help you gain more wealth for the risk that you take in operating a business. This means not only business planning but individual planning. This could entail help in retirement planning, estate tax planning and administration, cash flow requirements now as well as in the future; a partner to help you in a busy, complex world that puts your interest first. That is our commitment to you as our client.